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Sunday, 4 February 2007

Susan Lewis

What do you look for in a book?

Great characters, followed by a spanking good plot is what is essential for me.

So why are there so many authors out there that are so distinguished, when their writing isn’t that great? And why are there authors out there that are not well-known at all but their writing is pure genius?

Now I know that luck has to be a major factor in whether a book is published or not, especially for a first time author. And I also know that different books appeal to different people. But sometimes I’m so stunned at which authors are popular and which are not.

I have three auto-buy authors for me and they are all very different. .Susan Lewis who writes romantic thrillers, Alison Kent who writes erotic romance and romantic suspense, and JK Rowling (need I say more?)

Now, I think for all of us who love the romance genre, we are acquainted with Alison Kent and her seriously sexy books. You’d have to be living on another planet not to have heard of JK Rowling, creator of boy wizard Harry Potter.

But what about Susan Lewis?

Susan Lewis is a British author of outrageously brilliant romantic thrillers. I discovered her writing a couple of years ago when I picked up ‘Chasing Dreams’ at a book sale. As soon as I had the first chapter read I knew that I had discovered treasure, and after reading ‘Chasing Dreams’ straight through, I made an order on Amazon for a further three of her books. And within a year I had caught up on all of her paperbacks to date, that’s fifteen full-length novels in the space of twelve months. And I loved every single one of them.

Why do I adore these books so much?

Oh, there are so, so many reasons.

Firstly, the plotlines. Never, ever have I been able to predict how any one of her books will end. Never. And the various twists in her stories keep the reader captivated until the thrilling climax that is the end. And with every ending I have reached, I have mourned the book, wishing that I could wipe my memory clean, and start the whole reading process all over again.

In many of her books Lewis touches on very delicate subjects, like grief over a lost child, the after-effects of rape, and many others. But she handles them expertly, showing such great writing talents and a deep understanding of human nature.

Then there are her characters. I have never become so involved with characters like this with any other author’s books. I become the heroines, I feel every emotion that goes through them throughout the course of the novel. And when the book is finished, I feel as if I’ve been ripped in half, no exaggeration, and I without fail, have the book reread within a week.

Something I have to refer to when I’m talking about Susan Lewis is her men. Oh Lord, the men. The male heroes of Susan Lewis novels are the sexiest men I have ever read. Francois, Luc, Max, Chris, Jake, the list is endless. They are different, flawed, divine, they will leave you pining for them in the night, and wishing that somehow they could be made real. There is not a trace of stereotypical males in these books And I have to wonder where Lewis gets her inspiration for these godlike creatures. Does she know men like these (if she does I want to meet them), or are they figments of her imagination (let me in there Susan, please!)? Wherever they come from, they are as authentic to me as the people I work with, just a heck of a lot more desirable.

And then there is the fabulous language that is present in all of Lewis’ novels. She uses her way with words to conjure up images of the breathtaking scenery of the French countryside, traditional English townhouses, rustic cottages that transport you to the setting of the novel.

The relationships forged in each book become valid to the reader, the chemistry between the hero and heroine is always electrifying, the love scenes incredibly erotic. The romance in every novel sweeps you off your feet until you are as dizzy with love as the heroine.

What I really hope to get across to romance readers out there in this post, especially those who love a little plot with their sex, is to order a Susan Lewis novel here. Start with her newest triumph ‘A French Affair’, and then go on to her older ones like ‘Summer Madness‘, ‘Wildfire’, ‘Darkest Longings' or ‘Wicked Beauty’.

I really don’t think that there is a possibility of you being left disappointed, these books will only leave you with highly erotic dreams featuring the heroes (and nobody would turn away that now would they?).
These books are heart wrenchingly good so be kind to yourself and surf your way to Amazon, or you can order a Susan Lewis book through her website here.

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Portia Da Costa said...

I think I remember reading Darkest Longings some time ago, and being really impressed by it. I must try some more of her titles. :)

Holly said...

I'll add her to my Wish List, too.

You know, I've often wondered about the quality of writing, too. E-publishers seem to be the worst offenders (IMO). It's very frustrating when I pay good money for a book only to realize the writing is lacking.