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Monday, 19 February 2007

Pancake Tuesday

Hi everyone, I'm off for a spa break tomorrow with my sister so we had Pancake Tuesday today on Monday. And boy was it good.

Do you guys in America have Pancake Tuesday the day before Ash Wednesday? I'm pretty sure the UK does.

So enjoy those pancakes everyone, I'm so full:)
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Kristie (J) said...

Yep - pancakes are a big thing here too. My son is having a lot of friends over and he's cooking them pancakes of all kinds and varieties. He borrowed my blender to chop fruit and my frying pan to cook them. Mind you it's a repeart of Superbowl Sunday *g* I wasn't invited - just my appliances.

Susan said...

We are heading to church tonight for a pancake super. The kids dig it (I do not eat wheat or dairy, so I am packing a salad :)) But the idea is great, the last big party!

Ann Christopher said...

Hi, Maria--

Nice blog!

This was the only way I could contact you--you won my contest over at Access Romance the other week, but I've been having problems with my e-mail, and if you sent your address, I didn't get it. Could you please send it again through the contact page at

Ann Christopher