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Monday, 12 February 2007

'In Pursuit Of Anna' by Natasha Rostova

I have a love-hate relationship with Black Lace (the line of erotic novels, not the material). Black Lace has produced some really great erotic fiction for me, coming from the likes of Portia Da Costa and Kristina Lloyd who can always be counted on for fabulously decadent sex. But I have read some serious duds, one in particular recently that put me off Black Lace for months. This book, though choc-full with sex scenes, was the most unsexy book I had read in a long time.

So when I picked up ‘In Pursuit of Anna’ it was with a great deal of reluctance. But it was a good choice.

The tagline for Black Lace is ‘erotic fiction for women by women’. The books range from pure erotica (which I adore when it is well-written) to erotic romance, the category into which this book falls.

There are an assortment sexual liaisons in this book, at least one for every taste. The three central characters, are Derek, a bounty hunter, Freddie, his colleague and best friend, and Anna who Derek is tracking down for theft. Derek finds himself drawn to this pixie-like fugitive while Freddie is busy with her own new lover. Conflict arises between the two comrades, both of whom are convinced that the other is being taken for a fool.

Though it is not the primary focus for erotic fiction, characters are always of the essence. Derek is delectably sexy, tall, dark, well-built, hard hotness. Freddie is the tomboy complete with baseball cap with a penchant for lacy and silky underwear which drives Derek to distraction. She’s a natural beauty, curly hair, freckles, athletic figure. She’s ballsy, out to prove herself capable of the tough job that is bounty hunting. But she finds herself being overpowered by Derek’s concerns for her safety. Anna is a rebellious little minx, bisexual (there’s always one in Black Lace) and innocent of the charges that have been brought against her. She’s on the run to find evidence against her evil stepmother Cassandra to prove that she’s having an S&M fuelled affair behind Anna’s father’s back. All undemanding but likeable characters. Just what I’m seeking in my erotic fiction.

Now on to the eroticness (is that a word?). I have to give props to Ms.Rostova, she did a damn good job with the sex scenes. This being an erotic novel, sexual encounters are in abundance involving various people. Rostova managed to make it all seem so natural, nothing gratuitous about it. And this amazed me as it is rare that I read a novel of this genre where I don’t stumble upon at least one tumble in the hay that is mind-numbing. No, it was all very steamy and erotic. From the lesbian love to the extreme rear-slapping which involved Cassandra and her dominator.

I really wasn’t anticipating romance in this novel, but it came flowing between Derek and Freddie. A love that has gone unnoticed for quite some time. ‘In Pursuit of Anna’ follows the two of them as they come to terms with their mounting feelings for each other. And it’s sweet (yes, sweetness in a Black Lace novel). It’s also fiercely sexy too especially when it all comes to a head in the closing stages of the book.

Besides sex and romance, we get a look-see into the world of bounty hunting which I found very exciting. And as I’m writing this review I’m imagining Derek doing his job, taking down big bad men………ooohhh, it makes me shiver.

So I’m so pleased to say that Black Lace is has redeemed itself again and Natasha Rostova can join Kristina Lloyd and Portia Da Costa as the princesses of erotic fiction. If you’re looking for a little romance and adventure with your sex ( a lot of sex) go buy ‘In Pursuit of Anna’ here.

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Susan said...

You have the best reviews. I am so going to check this one and the Susan Lewis titles out.

Keep up the reviews - my TBR piles is growing by leaps and bounds :)

Maria, Lover of All Things Romance said...

Hey Susan, welcome. I'm so glad you enjoy the reviews and I hope you enjoy the books as much as I did

Portia Da Costa said...

Natasha is a fabulous writer! I'm glad you enjoyed her book.

And many, many thanks for describing me as a 'princess of erotica'... I am smiling a big smile now!



Portia Da Costa said...

And oh... you've done it now! I won't rest until I know what that off putting Black Lace book was...

Please have mercy!

Maria, Lover of All Things Romance said...

Hee hee, I'd love to tell you Portia, but I'd hate to hurt the person's feelings, especially with no review to back me up. But my God, it was awful!

And you are the princess of erotica, no lip service