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Thursday, 29 March 2007

Thursday Thirteen #8

Thirteen Things about Maria

Thirteen Things I Should do But.....

1. Train my dog to stop pulling his leash.

2. Go on a diet.

3. Start that new novella.

4. Read my new Bravas.

5 Review, review, review.

6. Learn how to sew.

7. Get my hair cut.

8. Visit that grave and accept that person is dead.

9. Clean this house, no-one else is gonna do it!

10. Start saving for next years US of A trip.

11.Go back to college, or at least get a job.

12. Finish painting my room.

13. Learn how to fight like a man!

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Kristi said...

some of those are my list of things to do, too! Great list... if you'd like, stop my's here:

Amie Stuart said...

Mine would be finish judging these contest entries! Great list

ames said...

I just taught Max how to stop pulling on the leash-he's 7 years old. I'm a bit slow, but I finally realized I'M the leader of our pack, so he needs to walk behind me or beside me.