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Sunday, 28 January 2007

My Rating System

Okay, I'm trying to figure out a rating system. Because I want to review both movies and books, and a lot of genres, I can't rate everything the same way. I mean what you want in a regency is totally different to what you're looking for in an erotic romance.

So I'm gonna start with my rating system for historical romances, like 'Dark Desires'. This rating system will be used for other romances, but I'll come to that when I review other romances.

Pretty simple really:

Romance, chemistry-10
Language, setting-10
Extras,like humour,different themes,action, originality-10

With erotic romances, I will mark easier on character development and plot, as they are not the most important aspects of erotic romance in my opinion.

Sex scenes, chemistry-10
Language, settings-5

Romance Movies, Romance Adventure Movies, Romantic Comedies etc.

Romance, chemistry-10
Extras l,ike humour for rom coms, adventure, unusual themes etc.

As I go on and review different things I will add to these.


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